My NEW $20K/Week Affiliate Method | NO Clickbank (Perfect for Beginners)

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and today I want to show you how I've been able to generate over $20K per week in affiliate marketing WITHOUT utilizing Clickbank.

Now, I am NOT shooting this video because I think Clickbank sucks or you can't make money from home in 2020 from their platform. In fact, I've generated well over 7 figures with Clickbank and have a few tutorials on my methods.

The reason I'm teaching this new method is because when I look on Youtube for the best affiliate marketing strategies, my newsfeed is flooded with Clickbank tutorials...

This not only causes over-saturation in the marketplace, but it teaches people to put all of their eggs in one basket. (Or in this case, one affiliate marketplace)

Today, I want to show you a NEW way to do affiliate marketing that reaches into a completely different genre than the information products you see on Clickbank or JVZOO.

And you may find that numbers like $20K per week are a LOT easier to achieve through this particular method.


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